The Allegheny County Anchored Reentry (ACAR) Coalition was launched to spark dialogue on how to collaborate in supporting reentry by aligning resources addressing unmet needs in our community by adequately serving previously incarcerated citizens. ACAR is designed to build upon efforts and best practices of service opportunities for individuals who are returning from local, state, and federal correctional facilities. Through ACAR, there is a focus on coordinating services related to, but not limited to, housing, employment, education/training, self-empowerment, family support, health and wellness, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and finance management. The overall goal of ACAR is to improve the lives of individuals and communities through outlined objectives.


ACAR was founded in 2014 and officially launched in June of 2015

The group was relaunched January 2020, in response to reform efforts and increasing numbers of

re-entrants needing assistance, resulting in committees and key objectives: